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Go beyond the limits of my own life


When I think of an agent of change, I imagine an individual or group with the courage and constitution of character to press forward and forge change. The concept is simple: does one support and foster new mindsets, innovative ideas, and different methods to achieveoutcomes? This may take the form or “thinking outside the box,” creating something revolutionary, or even transforming current paradigms to adapt to contemporary problems.

Those who advocate for such change understand one key factor in all this: learning never ends, and progress doesn’t happen in a vacuum or on its own. One aspect that I have found is critical to promoting and supporting new methods is a predisposition to understand and interpret differences. Adopting new ways of seeing the world is paramount in building a foundation for transformational work, action, or leadership. In college, I had the opportunity to travel abroad on an epic journey to China with the Summer Abroad program of FSU.

This summer educational program changed my life. The sheer experience to see things I had never imagined, interact with people from all over the world and engage in the culture, allowed me to see life in new ways. Soon after, my philosophy on life, learning, and what is truly important bestowed upon me a deeper appreciation of learning.

I would not be the man I am today without these experiences, and can warrant that I am a better teacher, father, son, friend, and overall person. These shared experiences, and gaining of different perspectives, demonstrated to me that I am not merely a product of what has happened to me in my life, but I have the ability to grow beyond the limits of my own life.

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